Commercial Junk Removal Services.

Jill’s Junk Removal works with  commercial and institutional facilities and property managers to remove their junk and trash. We are able to pick up as needed, or scheduled, regular removals. 

Commercial Junk Removal

Condos & Townhouses

We provide regular visits and one-time bookings . We can make sure the units are tidy and completely cleared out for the next tenant.

Hotels & Motels

Weekly pick-ups or one off room clear outs are available. Should there be any renovations, we are able to clear out construction materials and debris.

Shops & Plazas

We can keep your store front clean and welcoming with regular visits or clear out the entire shop, leaving a safe and tidy environment for customers and tenants.


Sometimes the city leaves garbage behind. We can clear up the outside of your restaurant so your patrons feel safe and comfortable dining at your establishment. Weekly or one off bookings available.

Offices & Classrooms

If you are renovating your office or just hauling out old equipement, contact Jill’s Junk Removal. We are able to clear your items in a fast and efficient manner, ensuring the place is junk free and tidy when we leave.

Construction & Renos

If you are a contractor working on numerous homes, or doing a DIY home renovation, there is bound to be junk and debris. We are able to clear your site in a timely manner.

We Remove Almost Anything

Our Commercial Services Include…

Bin Relocation

We can move garbage, recycling and compost bins from underground sites or through multi-levelled buildings to a designated area for third party pick up.

Unit Clear-out

We can empty entire units! We’ll remove furniture like chairs, sofas, beds and tables, office  furnishings like desks, bookcases, computers and printers. We also take appliances like air conditioners, stoves, dish washers, refrigerators and washing machines.

Common Area Clean-up

Parking garages and lots, garbage rooms, storage and maintenance rooms can accumulate junk. We’ll remove it and leave the site tidy and refreshed.

Playground & Yard Clean-Up

We can remove brush & wood, outdoor appliances, toys and trash from playgrounds & yards leaving safe and tidy green spaces for your tenants.

There are some things we can’t remove…

We do not remove

propane tanks & cylinders, fuel, motor oil, anti-freeze, brake fluid, cooking fat, cooking oil, cooking grease

How it Works


Book Your Site Assessment

Using our online booking system, schedule an assesment of your site.


We Assess Your Site

We’ll review your job site, in-person, to determine the most effective procedure for your service request.


proposal & quote

We usually give you an estimate on site, then submit an official proposal and quote within 24hours.


Contract & Services

Once the job is agreed upon we’ll schedule your services and get to work!

Commercial Junk Removal

What Happens Next?

You will receive a reminder

You will receive a reminder of the booking 24 hours before we arrive.

Do your tenants need to know?

It’s a good idea to inform your tenants about the timing of the job. If this is a re-occurring job, simply tell them when we will arrive, and that it is a regular occurrence.

When We Arrive at the location

We will perform our services in a clean, quiet and timely manner. We’ll ensure  any extenuating safety measures like signage, fencing and pedestrian and traffic control are implemented if required.

we complete the job

We perform the contracted services and ensure the site is tidy before we leave.


Once the job is complete the payment will be billed according to the service agreement.

Any Questions?

We’re happy to answer any junk removal questions you may have. Visit our Facebook or Instagram page for more information. Or contact us!